Can you dust off your camera, snap some shots and live from the proceeds? Well, YES YOU CAN – I did just that but unfortunately that was 15 years ago, and things have changed. When the idea of MicroStock was new  I made over $10,000 from just 250 stock images. 

Those numbers are no longer possible, but I wonder can we still make a living shooting MicroStock? Thats what this site is about, me trying to make a living shooting stock.

I will never make a living from those 250 images I started with. Last month I made just 25 cents from them.  However, is it possible to scale up operations, work smarter and harder, and slowly but surely increase my earnings to earn myself a decent living?

I honestly do not know the answer to that question. But I am in a unique position to find out, I work in the photography field, and am lucky enough and flexible enough to pay the bills from my regular job while still pouring time and effort into MicroStock.

My first goal is very modest – its simply to allow my stock sales to Pay for a morning coffee each day, My goals will get more lofty as they get ticked off. Follow my progress as I make mistakes, try new things, and learn tips and tricks to get the edge as I attempt to lift my images above the sea ocean of other images.

I would rate myself as an average photographer. My images are in focus, they are taken on a good camera, with good lenses, and I have a decent but modest studio set up in my basement ready to begin my experiment.

Initially Im going to work at getting my stock portfolio to around 1000 images, I will then report on sold images, I suspect my 25 cents a month will have grown modestly to a few dollars a month, this business is not by any means easy money, you could make more doing pretty much anything else, however its very flexible and a simple easy and enjoyable way to to earn some money on the side.

In it for The Long Haul

This is not going to happen overnight, I want to see what happens when my stock portfolio hits 10,000. What happens when I start to get my images in the search results both on stock agencies and from my own site promotion.

Join me as I discover new techniques, improve my photography skills and my editing skills, but most importantly share everything right here.

This site

As we develop our MicroStock skills, this site will become a repository of everything I have learned, packed with tutorials, videos, tips and tricks. It’s also going to be a platform for me to promote my work, and hopefully sell my work.

I also have plans to develop tools to help other MicroStock professionals. Stay Tuned!

Where I submit / my portfolio so far

Submissions are going to be a big topic for the site, I am uploading all my images to 10 agencies, I may drop some of these once I monitor and see how they perform. If you are interested to see my images and my progress to the first 1000 here are the 3 top agency links.

  1. Dreamstime Stock Portfolio 
  2. Shutterstock Stock Portfolio 
  3. Adobe Stock Portfolio